Web Design & SEO Pricing

Custom Website Design

Website Design Pricing

Our prices fluctuate depending on the work that our clients want. Below are some standard prices, but your actual price is negotiated after we establish a full scope of work.

  • $1,995.00 – Up to 7 pages & all on-page SEO is included!
  • $1,295.00 – Up to 4 pages & all on-page SEO is included!
  • $495.00 – Fully optimized landing page.
  • These prices are an average price and all prices are tailored per client.   All pricing is custom per clients scope of work. Your price will vary up or down.
  • We offer special discounts to non-profits, law enforcement sites, military sites & landing pages (1 page)

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Website Hosting & Email

Website Hosting

$25.00 Per Month – We will host your website and set up your email accounts (up to 5). This price does not include any site maintenance, we offer another package for that. Please see (Website Maintenance).

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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

$75.00 Per Month – Our website maintenance package includes all of the following:

  • Website hosting
  • Email (up to 5)
  • Installation of Anti-virus and Malware protection
  • SSL Certificate & installation
  • 1 hour per month of minor website changes
Website Security

Website Security

$20.00 Per Month – If you would like our website security service without the maintenance package, we can do this. We will install our anti-virus & malware security protection on your website, monitor it and notify you if there is an incursion. We will also try and fix the problem if possible. (site must be hosted on our server for this service)

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Expert SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization

$495. – $2500. Per Month – All of our SEO packages are custom tailored for each client. SEO is not a (one item) thing or process. We can offer you SEO to fit most any budget you have. Let’s chat to see how we can help you. SEO & Great Content are the most two important things to have in order to get rankings and traffic to your site. We can help you with both of them.
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Content Articles

Content & Articles

$79. – $199.+ each – All of our website content is researched for the industry you are in or the service you provide. We include the keyword and key phrase that we are targeting and we establish the proper keyword density for the article. We offer 300, 500 & 900 word articles, this is why the pricing varies. All our content is written in English and with good grammar by writers in America. We don’t farm out to other countries. This is the best you can get.

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Landing Pages

Landing Pages

$795. (First month) – The first month we have a lot of time for the setup, so the setup fee is included.

$495.00 (Every month thereafter)  This price includes about 100 landing pages added to your site in one month. This is a service that needs to be trickled into your site as Google doesn’t like massive changes to sites. We suggest that you run this service for 3-6 months for best results.

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Crowdsearch SEO


What is CrowdSearch? – Let’s say Lisa is shopping for a new salon. She goes into Google and searches for “beauty salons in my area.” She clicks on the 4th website on the results page and hangs around that website for a period of time reading the information. Chances are that website fulfilled her needs. Now imagine if thousands of people did exactly the same thing.

Google now has “proof” that this website her and thousands of others spent time on is relevant and useful, so it bumps that website higher up in the rankings.

One particular ranking factor that Google appears to be placing more weight on in recently is user search behavior, clickthru rate and dwell time. It is one ranking factor that they can monitor.

Whatever SEO techniques you carry out for your sites, add CrowdSearch to your toolbox.

This service is coming soon!