Website Security

QUESTION? … How would you like to spend Thousands of dollars and Months building your website… only to get it hacked?
–Enter Website Security–  Securing your site, DNS, email and more is a very important part for protecting your business and brand. When we host your website on our servers, we include website security software for maximum protection against malware & viruses. There are many benefits to locking down your website with our security package.

Our Website Security helps you protect your site by crawling and analyzing its pages for signs of malware. It identifies even the latest malware distribution techniques and notifies you by email. Our website security software does all of the following:

  • Catches even the latest malware that enter your site
  • Notifies you by email with examples for the injected URLs
  • Gives you tips how to clean your website and avoid future infection
  • Acts as a service and requires no software installation


  • Visitors infected with malware
  • Personal data stolen from site
  • Your site gets blacklisted by Google
  • Brand reputation compromised
  • Your traffic declines drastically


  • Monitors your site daily
  • Catches even the latest malware
  • Identifies suspicious activity
  • Notifies you immediately of threats
  • Gives you time to react

NOTE: Our website security service does require for us to also host your website on our server. This can be done anytime (whether you have registered your domain name yet or not). Contact us today to hear more about this mandatory service needed by all businesses. We can handle your website hosting, email, security and maintenance for you so that you can sit back and take care of your business.

As the face of your brand, your website is the one thing you want publicly accessible. But it needs to be protected. With cyber threats evolving each day, is your website secure? Enter Website Security, your website security experts. is a global leader in website security offering complete cloud-based website protection. Because 80% of attacks are aimed at those web applications, leaving them vulnerable, simply isn’t an option. Start with scanning to identify and remove malware automatically, keeping your site safe and off of Google’s blacklist radar. Add TrueShield web application firewall which blocks backdoor access and mitigates DDoS attacks, putting a much needed, secure, barrier between your data and cybercriminals. And TrueSpeed content delivery network makes sure latency is a non-issue, accelerating your website so you don’t sacrifice speed and customer satisfaction for much-needed protection. Don’t be next. A security breach is a nightmare you don’t want to experience. With our website security, you never will.