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The single most important rule in hiring a website designer is to make sure you do everything right the first time! This starts with proper SEO constructed pages, layout, readability, navigation and proper key word or key phrase  research. The reason for this is if you build your site without keeping search engine optimization in mind, the search engines will find your site and label it “Not Relevant” meaning it will not show up in searches.

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Here are some very important things to know before you hire a web designer:

  1. Know what you want.
    Most client have no idea what they want other than a cheap price. This is not a good way to start. You need to know how your top competitors are, what keywords to go after, the proper use of “long tail keywords”, your market niches, what your clients want to see and know
  2. Website design costs more and can take longer than you think!
    The two most common questions during a free website design consultation is (1) How much does it cost? (2) How long will it take?
    Lets talk about #1 first: The time it takes to build a website can depend on many things, such as if we are using a WordPress theme, or a custom built site, if we are incorporating SEO at the same time, how many pages, if content is being provided by client or are we providing SEO Content Writing, if we have to alter images, do key word research and initial design time.
    Now for #2: Obviously time is money, and each of these items take different amounts of time. Some are faster than others. some take a lot of research, some require the use of software we have to purchase. Then there is proofing, showing the customer their site and making changes as we go.
    BOTTOM LINE: Don’t push for a fast turn-around. Your site will most likely be in the sand box with Google for many months before it will even start to populate and gain rankings.
    Build your website right the first time, or you will soon pay to rebuild it again… Trust me!
  3. A web site has many extremely important parts, Do Not Cut Corners!
    You should keep in mind the following aspects: Design – Does it look and act like my client expects?, Content – Does the site provide the information my clients are looking for?, SEO – Will clients be able to find my site once we make it live?, Future Additions – Have I adequately planned ahead so that I don’t have to waste time interfacing the new features with existing ones.
  4. Balance pretty pictures & great content!
    As a professional web designer, we usually get flooded with photos and stories about our clients using the words (me & I). When you design a website, you need to think about your clients. You will have about 5-10 seconds when they land on your page to catch their eye. Think about your customers, think about what questions they would ask, what answers they will need, a few great photos that might showcase your work or products. No one that visits your site is going to look at 300 pictures and want to know about your personal life or how you started your business. They want information and want it fast! Content is very important… content is King!
  5. If you build it, they won’t necessarily come!
    So many times we are approached by clients that come to us with a junk website that was built by a wanna-be website designer for a cheap price. They ask why their website is not ranking. We are very honest with them and point out many of the reasons. Many times they quickly get defensive (because no one wants to think they were taken) and some calls end quickly. The smarter clients listen to us and learn about many strategies that can improve your rankings. However, most of the time we have to start over and build a new website from start due to the website being so bad, there is not much to work with… “It’s like putting perfume on a pig, it wont work”
  6. Avoid info decay, your website will need maintenance
    Technology is always changing and so should the information on your website. Try to always keep info on your site as current as possible and relevant to the keywords you are using on that page. When hiring a website designer, you should always hire someone that can offer monthly maintenance and website security. This is money well spent!
  7. You have to be able to work well with your web designer
    Please make sure that you are comfortable with your website designer before you hire them. Don’t fall for “scare tactics” and “high pressure sales”. If you don’t understand what he is talking about, ask! If he insults your intelligence, RUN! Your designer will be requiring things from you, and the quicker you respond the faster your site could be finished. This should be a fun experience for you, not a month in hell.
  8. Many website designers in the industry are clueless.
    We get told many time during a website consultation that “my sons friend built a website in 10th grade using Frontpage”. I guarantee you that does not make him a web designer. Twenty years ago you could get away with that. Now that competition is huge, the key words are saturated, the niches are many and the dynamics of the search engine algorithms change daily. Don’t go down that road. You will end up after a few month destroying that website due to not performing and will have wasted yours and his time. Hire the right team, get the job done and be proud of your website.
  9. You get what you pay for!
    I’m not exactly sure we need to touch on this anymore, but clients continue to fall for the cheap price guys only to search out a company like our a few month later to ask us the questions they should have asked the first guy. Building websites is not an exact science. You need to be able to adapt to the clients industry, wants, needs, niche and what their customers will be looking for. Each website is unique and should be build with a lot of care and understanding for the business owner.
  10. Why should I consider hiring as my web designer?
    This answer is simple. We fully understand what it takes to build a great working website that both the search engines and your customers will like and understand. Being that we are experts in both website design and search engine optimization (SEO), that allows us to build your site the right way, the first time! You will also work directly with your website designer that does both the design and SEO, and he will be able to communicate with you well on what he needs, what you should do, what you should target and how and more.

PLEASE NOTE: The above information is not intended to be “all inclusive” and there are many more things to consider when reaching out to hire a website designer. But this is a great start in helping you understand how important it is to choose the right team. Your project should be a fun time for you. You should enjoy working with your designer.
Trust is everything… before you hire, ask yourself if you will be able to trust your website designer?