Frequently Asked Questions About
Website Design & SEO

Why do I need a website?

A website is a showcase of your business that works 24 hours a day for free. It can answer questions a visitor might have, show examples of what you do and build trust in your company before that first call is ever made. Times have changed, back in the day if you wanted your phone to ring, you took out a phone book ad. The better and bigger the ad, you more the phone would ring. Today a website is the main media companies use.

Why do I need a professional website designer?

Anyone (even you) can put pretty pictures on a page and some words and have a website in a few hours. But your site will probably never rank well with Google. There are so many things to know about when building a great site that not only the search engines will like and rank, but that real visitors will find useful. We can teach you more when we talk about your project. Also, very few website designers know much about SEO, which is very important. Bad SEO can get your site banned from Google and other search engines. Choosing the wrong website designer could be devastating to your company. I have had many clients that had to start over again with everything due to this. Don’t spend your money twice.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. When building your site, you need to optimize it so that search engines know exactly what the page/site is about. If it’s confusing to them, they wont rank it very high. There is a long list of things to know and to do perfect for this to happen. There are no guarantees with SEO, but understanding the algorithm allows us to have better odds of ranking than others. This is all about the “on-page” SEO. There is also “Off-page” SEO that is also very important. And you can actually do this yourself if taught. It is very time consuming, but can be done and it is very powerful. We offer all these services. The #1 question is “How much does SEO Cost”? You can read more on the next FAQ…

How much does SEO cost?

There is no set cost for SEO services. It is like buying a car… the more you pay, the more and better car you get. First, it is best that you find a real good SEO expert and don’t waste your money with these $99.00 month plans. There is no way to do real SEO for that kind of a price. Second, you need to have a decent budget to spend per month to really get this going. You also need to keep up the SEO for a minimum of 6-12 months. Yes… 6 months minimum, you can’t do SEO and rank high in a month, not any more. Make sure you choose the right company. You can’t see SEO, you need to trust your team real good.

I paid for SEO. Why is my site not ranking?

This is way more common that you think. It could be because of many reasons. This topic could go on for ever. Below we are going to list some of the most common reasons, and please contact us if you need help with your site. The worst thing you could ever do is to hire the cheap web designer, and get you site ranked low, put into the sand box or get it banned. DON’T DO THIS!

Most Common Reasons For No Rankings

  • The keyword you went after is a huge market
  • You paid for SEO, but it was not done or not done right
  • You didn’t define a niche
  • Your website designer did not make 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier pages, not site map
  • The content is not relevant to the keyword, or it’s too short, or confusing to read, or is a bounced page
  • Your title tags don’t match your meta-tags, or meta description, or content
  • You did not use long tail keywords to narrow down your niche
  • You don’t have enough content in your site to make it relevant
  • You don’t have any or enough off-page SEO, links, social media, articles, blog and more
  • Low keyword density per page
  • And there are many more reasons…
  • Google will usually put all websites in a sand box for about 6 months or more when they are new, just to see how they grow and how the traffic is and to study the relevance and bounce rate. This is why you need to keep up the SEO and new content for many months after the site is built. Otherwise you may never rank, or you might rank well only to find a couple months later you got bumped and now you can’t find your site.

We can help you with both your Website Design and SEO services.

Why is Content King?

If you have junk content, or a lack of, or real old stuff, or content that is not relevant to what your page or site is about, this all affects your ranking, and it affects them HARD. Not only do you need good content, but it must be written so that a human enjoys reading it, and must be written so that a search engine robot (meta-crawler) can clearly see that it is exactly about what your page is about and that it stays on track and has lots of great info about the topic. This where writing an SEO article comes into play. This is also why we strongly suggest to our clients to allow our team of professional SEO content writers do the writing. Then if the client would like to tweak it a bit or add to it, we can do this. Every page counts. If it’s not done correctly, you wasted your time and money, because it will never rank.